Why We must Use Kitchen Chimney in Indian Kitchen?

People depend on advanced appliances for their homes nowadays. Among many kitchen appliances, one of the most essential ones is the kitchen chimney. It is growing increasingly popular in most of the households in India. Kitchen chimneys offer us with various benefits including those related to our health. In this era, a modular kitchen with a proper kitchen chimney is considered a blessing. Not only is it necessary but also allows us to access our kitchen conveniently including easy cooking.

Why we must use Kitchen Chimney in Indian Kitchen?

Kitchen chimneys come in three types which are cassette filter, baffle filter and carbon filter. Among these three, baffle filter is most ideal for Indian kitchen. Different types of kitchen require different kinds of chimneys. Make sure to do a research to find the perfect choice for your household. Not only kitchen chimney absorbs smoke and fumes and keeps the kitchen clean and oil free but they also add a stylish look to your cooking area. Let us look at some of the best benefits of a kitchen chimney so that we know their role and allow a particular space for it in our kitchen.

#1 Protection of Kitchen Tiles

This is the prime reason why kitchen chimneys are most demanded. An electric kitchen chimney protects the kitchen tiles or granite and everything present around in the kitchen from the fumes and smoke. Fumes stick to the tiles and walls of the kitchen leaving black or darkened marks over time and also make it sticky. A chic looking kitchen chimney will ensure a smell and smoke-free kitchen and also make it look elegant. Without this, even a new kitchen will soon turn unattractive and dull in appearance.

#2 Walls Can Be Clean and Spotless

As mentioned earlier, without the aid of a kitchen chimney, the walls of the kitchen will soon start to become dirty and sticky. This happens due to the same reason as above which is the smoke and the fumes which are released from the cooking that sticks to the wall tarnishing it in a few weeks only. A modular kitchen chimney has a strong capacity to suck out the fumes and leave your walls and roofs with no marks on them.

#3 No Bad Smell

Due to the strong suction capability of modular chimneys, it removes bad smell along with smoke and fumes too. Often when we cook, the strong smell of the raw ingredients makes people around feel uncomfortable. Just with the help of one switch, we can solve the problem and enjoy an undisturbed cooking at home.

#4 Saves You From Sneezing and Burning Eyes

India is known as the land of rich spices. Therefore, especially when we cook Indian food, we tend to add different spices which release a strong aroma. Not all sorts of smells are pleasant to our olfactory and moreover the excess heat released due to cooking can make us both sneeze and turn our eyes red and itchy. Spices like pepper and red chillies when cooked especially cause a lot of discomfort to people around and kitchen chimney can give us relief from sneezing or burning eyes in minutes.

#5 Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from all the functional advantages of kitchen chimneys, it also enhances the look of our kitchen. The look and feel of your kitchen will change instantly just with the installation of a modular kitchen chimney. Nowadays, kitchen chimneys are not only about its performance but also appearance and design. They can be customized based on the look of your kitchen that you desire for. It can be modern and industrial or have a rustic look, choose the way you want it.

A kitchen chimney placed above the main cooking area makes the kitchen free from odour, smoke, fume and heat. It offers the facility of ventilation of smoke, gas and other fumes which are released from the kitchen to the outside atmosphere. Modular kitchens provide a double benefit by making your kitchen look stylish and allow a sound free simple and fast cooking (Do read the points to keep in mind before you buy new kitchen chimney). Electric chimneys are little more expensive but they are vital for our Indian kitchen especially. It also protects our health and restores a clean environment.

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