Kenstar Oxy Fryer Review

Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a revolutionary product that makes cooking a passion for those who love cooking. The Oxy fryer is not only good for the taste buds, but also your body. Thus, health is on your fingers. The oil needed to cook food is minimized, and that too without spoiling the taste of the food.

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Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a compact product that enables you healthy cooking and that too hassle free. It makes your cooking experience a wonderful one that too saving a lot of time and energy.The Oxy fryer is a blessing for those food lovers who are planning for a diet. Oil intake is also reduced due to the Oxy fryer, which needs only a little amount of oil to be brushed before cooking.


Kenstar Oxy Fryer enables cooking a large amount of food as it has a capacity of 3 liters where a lot of fries can be fried together. Kenstar has been built with a timer which can be set up to a limit of 30 min and can be left for cooking. The auto power cut feature cuts off the power immediately the timer has completed. Each food requires its own temperature and hence there is knob to set and adjust the temperature accordingly. The fryer also comes with a handle to hold when cooking, and a power cable for usage.


Kenstar Oxy Fryer makes cooking very simple. All one need to do is open the tray and fill the tray with raw materials for cooking. The desired temperature can be set and food can be  cooked with the timer as required according to the time needed. The fryer can be used to cook. The Oxy fryer uses hot air to cook hot and tasty food. It is also liked as it comes with 100 cooking menus.


People term it as a simple to clean and cook product. Its a newly launched product so there is a little confusion about the usage.However the app makes things easier and it directs you through the recipes. The product is a bit cheaper as compared to other fryers on the market. Hence go for it and start healthy and tasty cooking.

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