Top 5 Best Steam Iron in India

Ironing is one of the most common chores in every house these days. You will spend a lot of time every weekend to iron your clothes for the entire week. Perfect dress, whether at school, college, workplace or at some party, will make you look the best and professional. When this is a very important appliance for your home, why do you still buy it without proper research or without even touching it? It is important to get the right and the best iron box in India for perfect ironing experience.

Compare Top Steam Irons in India

Product NameCapacityUser ReviewsPricePhilips GC38112400 Watt4.5/5Check Price

Inalsa Titanium2000-Watt4.5/5Check Price

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt4.4/5Check Price

Havells Sparkle1250-Watt4.3/5Check Price

Bajaj Majesty MX151200-Watt4.2/5Check Price

If you are planning to buy the best iron, then here is some information on how to pick the right iron box and which are the best steam iron in India 2018…

Guide to buy an Iron Box

  1. The first thing to take care is the wattage of the iron box. When the wattage is high, you will be able to iron better and also you will be able to finish the job faster. So, there is one thing to keep in mind about this high wattage and that is you need to handle it with a lot of care and caution.
  2. The Soleplate is another important thing to consider when you are buying an iron box. It is the Soleplate that is going to get in contact with the clothes and hence you need to make sure that plate is scratch free, non sticky and you should also be able to clean it with ease.
  3. You should be able to control the temperature of the iron box with ease. There should not be any kind of major problem in handling as it may spoil the clothes.
  4. Steam control is also important while choosing an iron box. You should be able to turn the steam high, low or you should be able to put it off when it is not required.
  5. The length of the iron box cord is another important thing that you should check. If it is too short then it can be a problem to iron the clothes. You will be able to use it flexibly if you have a long cord.
  6. Water holder capacity is also something that you need to consider. You may have to iron a lot of clothes at a time and hence you should make sure that you are buying an iron box with good water holding tank, instead of changing the water again and again.
  7. The handle of the iron box also should be comfortable for handling while you iron the clothes. The grip has to be smooth, but not too wide as it can get tough to handle it.

Top 5 Best steam irons in India 2018

Here is the list of top 5 best steam irons available in the Indian market…

#1 Philips GC3811

Philips is the brand that allows us to bring home a number of home and kitchen appliances. If you are looking for an affordable steam iron in the Indian market, then Philips is the brand that you should consider. This steam iron comes with a number of amazing features that can be very helpful for you.


  • The steam rate is quite good and it is 40 grams per minute.
  • 2400 watt power which ensures good ironing.
  • This iron box is available in many different colors.
  • There is an auto steam control facility to control the steam and provide better iron.
  • Does not drip when the temperature is low.


  • The only negative about this iron box from Philips is it comes with a short power cord.

#2 Inalsa Titanium

The Soleplate of this iron box is the plus point as it comes in Titanium material. You will be able to get wrinkle free clothes in just minutes. This iron box comes with good steam adjustment options and is a 2000 Watt power iron box.


  • The design of this iron box is just attractive and perfect.
  • 160 grams per minute steam rate.
  • Water tank capacity is 300 ml.
  • Suitable for any kind of clothes.


  • The water tank of the iron box leaks sometimes.

#3 Morphy Richards Super Glide 

One of the best brand in steam iron boxes is Morphy Richards, and that is because it is an ideal iron box for any kind of clothes and it is very smooth. The Soleplate of this iron box is a combination of ceramic and diamond, and hence heat is distributed evenly all over.


  • 350 ML water tank capacity.
  • Comes with 2 year warranty
  • 2000 watts power and hence faster iron.


  • The water tank of the iron box leaks sometimes.

#4 Havells Sparkle

If you are having the Havells Sparkle steam iron box at home, then ironing the clothes is not a tough job anymore. You will be able to do the job with a lot ease. This is a good choice if you are looking for the best options in your budget.


  • The water tank capacity is 230 ML.
  • You can swift between steam iron and normal iron.
  • It is a 1250 Watt iron box.
  • Good grip for better iron.


  • Quality of the Soleplate is not really good.

#5 Bajaj Majesty MX15

Here is another very common Indian brand that is known in every Indian house. Bajaj has some good models of iron box and this steam iron box is one of their best models. It is 1200 Watt iron box and hence is an amazing option to consider.


  • Price is quite affordable.
  • Comes with a two year warranty.
  • 170 ML of water tank.
  • 1200 Watts power.


  • You do not get good steam settings with this iron box.


These are the best models of steam iron in India. You can check their features and pick the right one. Hope our reviews will help you to choose better steam iron for home use. For more reviews, keep visiting us.

Benefits of Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys

As much as we are advancing and growing with time, the size of our kitchens is reducing. Moreover, with the trend of open and modular kitchens, we want to our kitchen cleaner. That is why; chimneys have become an integral part of our kitchens. Chimneys are the biggest USP of kitchen which keep them clean and free from smoke.

What are the benefits of Auto Cleaning Kitchen Chimney? 

Though they clean our kitchens, cleaning the chimney is a tedious and time-consuming task. As per Indiaarena, To get rid of this Herculean task and with the advancement of technology, we highly suggest you to use auto-clean chimneys. Now, the chimney can easily get rid of sticky oil drops without human intervention. The list of benefits of auto clean chimneys is long.

#1 Healthy lifespan

The auto-clean chimneys have separate oil collectors. The oil particles emitted from cooked food doesn’t stick to the interiors of the chimney. It gets stored in the oil collector. The filter and the internals of the chimney are not affected by the drops of oil and the parts of the machine do not get deteriorated. This increases the efficiency and life of the chimney. The oil drops if get stuck to the interiors reduces the efficiency of the chimney up to great extent.

#2 Hassle-free maintenance

As we know, kitchen chimney is the most important accessory of the kitchen. We ought to keep it clean in order to keep our kitchen cleaner. Cleaning the ordinary chimney is a tedious task but it is not the case with auto-clean chimneys. There is no hassle of dealing with Mesh and Baffel that need constant care.

The accumulation of dust and rust to the insides of chimney can be poisonous. With auto clean chimneys, you only need to clean the oil collector that too once in a month or so. On the whole, these chimneys are easy to clean and maintain. The oil filter highly reduces the cleaning efforts.

#3 High-suction power

The effectiveness of a chimney is determined by its suction power. The suction power of auto clean chimneys is very high. All the credit goes to oil collectors. No fumes and oil stuck in the interiors of the chimneys. It keeps filters clean and hence the efficiency of the chimney remains constant. With constant performance and efficiency, the suction power remains constant.

#4 Time-saving process

Cleaning the chimney is no more a time-consuming process with auto-clean chimneys. You just need to press a few buttons in order to carry to clean the chimneys. You can carry on with your routine tasks simultaneously.

The price of these chimneys is slightly higher than normal chimneys but as you have read above, the process of cleaning the chimneys can be simply carried out by homeowners. You do need professional cleaners to complete this task.

The life span of these chimneys is higher than that of original ones as oil does not clog in the filter and interiors of the chimney. These chimneys are loaded with an additional features like LED lights and beautiful looks.     

Review of Sleepy Cat Memory Foam Mattress

A good night’s sleep is very important for every person and choosing the right mattress is very important for it. Especially, for people who are suffering with back pain or orthopedic problems, you need to be very particular about picking the right mattress. There are a number of mattresses available in the market for orthopedic issues and SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best orthopaedic mattress in india.

If you are planning to buy this mattress, then here is a detailed review about the same for you.

About SleepyCat:

SleepyCat promises to deliver the most important thing that is necessary for everyone in a box. Yes, they deliver you quality mattress for quality sleep in a box. They are a very popular mattress brand in India and they deliver mattresses direct from the factory to the doorsteps. Each mattress that is manufactured at their factory is undergone a lot of research and quality testing in order to make sure that you get what you are promised. The best thing about their every mattress is 30 nights free trial and 100 percent refund in case you are not happy with it.

SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress is designed specially for those who are suffering with orthopedic issues like back pain or knee pain. But this is a mattress that is suitable for anybody. Basically, it is good for the orthopedic patients as it provide a lot of support to the body, along with pressure relief. That is what can provide a good night sleep.

Features of the mattress

  • Therapeutic gel memory foam: This mattress is made using Therapeutic gel memory foam and this memory foam will help in distributing the overall body weight evenly on the mattress and hence you will be able to get 100 percent comfort when you sleep on it.
  • Washable and removable mattress cover: This mattress comes with an easily removable cover. So, you need not have to worry if your mattress cover is dirty. All you need to do is just remove it carefully and wash it in your washing machine using mild detergent. Allow it to dry completely in the sun and then it is ready to use again.
  • Disturbance free sleep: The top layer of this mattress is very comfortable and does not disturb you or your partner when one person turns or tosses in the middle of the sleep. The motion does not travel and hence each of you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.
  • Chemical free: There are many people who get irritating and skin related health issue due to mattress as well. People wake up irritated but they do not realize that it is due to the mattress. But SleepyCat makes sure to check every material that is used in the making of this mattress and hence you will not have any irritation. The glue is also natural and toxic free as well.
  • 30 nights free trial: After you buy the mattress, you can return it after 30 nights if you are not happy with the comfort levels that you get to enjoy on this mattress. You will get a 100 percent refund and no questions asked.
  • 10 year warranty: This company, SleepyCat offers a 10 year warranty and this talks about the quality offered by them. They built every mattress for long life. In case, you are facing any kind of problem or any defect with the mattress, the company will fix the defect or they will replace with another mattress that is available at that time in same size.


SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress is budget friendly as they deliver the mattress to your door steps directly from the factories and hence there is a reduction of 75 percent. They ship to anywhere across India and they do not charge anything extra for the shipping. On time delivery with exactly the price tag that you are looking for, so what else do you need? You can definitely try this mattress if you are looking for an orthopedic mattress. You will anyways get a 100% refund if you are not happy with the product.

How Cooking In Air Fryer Is Good For Health?

Air fryers are surging high in popularity to enjoy a healthy guilt-free way of eating. With the help of air fryers, the fat content of popular snacks like French fries, fish fingers, chicken wings and so on reduces the inconsiderable amount. So, now the question arises is how healthy they are for us. Let us look at the evidence and determine whether the benefits of using an air fryer really outweigh the risks or not.

Is it good for health to cook in Air fryer?

They lead to a crispy outside layer while leaving food moist and chewy on the inside. Frying foods in hydrogenated oils can lead to several health issues; most common is weight gain that it is likely to lead to. With scientific advancements and increased awareness of the health hazards associated with certain foods, people are now looking for healthier options. Best Air fryers serve the purpose of frying food with minimal or no oil at all.

#1 Air Fryer for Weight Gain

If losing pounds is your main motive, then using air fryer will lead to the necessary solutions. Those who are diet conscious should be aware of the fact that air fryers can cook fries with up to 80 per cent less fat than traditional frying methods, thus reducing the harmful effects of consuming fatty foods.

#2 Overall Good for Health

We generally cook food in hydrogenated oils which are rich in trans-fat and regular consumption will increase the LDL cholesterol and thereby increases the risks of heart disease and stroke. Cooking in air fryers shows changes in physicochemical properties of both the oil and the moisture. Obviously fresh and whole foods are better for your health but if you are a lover of fries, then air fryer is a better alternative for your need. Moreover, when you cook food in high temperature many of its essential vitamins and minerals get lessened during the cooking process.

#3 Variety Meals

With an air fryer in the kitchen, you can eat different types of foods with minimal fat content. From cakes to fried vegetables and fried chicken, you can make a variety of foods in this kitchen tool with the least amount of oil.

#4 Crispy texture

Air fryers can turn a boring diet into a tasty one! It leaves a wonderful texture on the food you are cooking. Either potatoes or chicken, air fryers help to form a crunchy and a crispy coat with a juicy and a moist texture in the interior part of the food. You do not have to be afraid of fatty foods and totally omit them from your diet when you have an air fryer at home. Air fryers not only guarantees fine texture and minimum oil, but the taste that it leads to is worthy of mouth-watering!

#5 Reduce Calories

This appliance causes an immediate reduction in the number of calories you consume, which eventually leads to losing weight. Even if you have fried chicken every day of the week, you will still end up eating healthy because the fat you will use as the medium of cooking is going to be in its minimalistic quantity. Air fryers can be a huge help if you are trying to maintain a good health. You will certainly not regret it.

You should understand that cooking foods without oil may not make them completely healthy. Stick to limited consumption and ensure a healthy and happy body. Traditionally deep-fried foods produce components called acrylamide, heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

This component is produced when carbohydrate-rich foods are cooked in heat. Research says that this component is potentially cancer-causing. It is linked to an increased risk of endometrial, ovarian and kidney cancers. Using an air fryer will lower the production of acrylamide in fried food. However, this does not mean that air fried food is perfectly safe. It may still contain Aldehydes, which are all cancer-causing components produced in high-heat cooking.

Why We must Use Kitchen Chimney in Indian Kitchen?

People depend on advanced appliances for their homes nowadays. Among many kitchen appliances, one of the most essential ones is the kitchen chimney. It is growing increasingly popular in most of the households in India. Kitchen chimneys offer us with various benefits including those related to our health. In this era, a modular kitchen with a proper kitchen chimney is considered a blessing. Not only is it necessary but also allows us to access our kitchen conveniently including easy cooking.

Why we must use Kitchen Chimney in Indian Kitchen?

Kitchen chimneys come in three types which are cassette filter, baffle filter and carbon filter. Among these three, baffle filter is most ideal for Indian kitchen. Different types of kitchen require different kinds of chimneys. Make sure to do a research to find the perfect choice for your household. Not only kitchen chimney absorbs smoke and fumes and keeps the kitchen clean and oil free but they also add a stylish look to your cooking area. Let us look at some of the best benefits of a kitchen chimney so that we know their role and allow a particular space for it in our kitchen.

#1 Protection of Kitchen Tiles

This is the prime reason why kitchen chimneys are most demanded. An electric kitchen chimney protects the kitchen tiles or granite and everything present around in the kitchen from the fumes and smoke. Fumes stick to the tiles and walls of the kitchen leaving black or darkened marks over time and also make it sticky. A chic looking kitchen chimney will ensure a smell and smoke-free kitchen and also make it look elegant. Without this, even a new kitchen will soon turn unattractive and dull in appearance.

#2 Walls Can Be Clean and Spotless

As mentioned earlier, without the aid of a kitchen chimney, the walls of the kitchen will soon start to become dirty and sticky. This happens due to the same reason as above which is the smoke and the fumes which are released from the cooking that sticks to the wall tarnishing it in a few weeks only. A modular kitchen chimney has a strong capacity to suck out the fumes and leave your walls and roofs with no marks on them.

#3 No Bad Smell

Due to the strong suction capability of modular chimneys, it removes bad smell along with smoke and fumes too. Often when we cook, the strong smell of the raw ingredients makes people around feel uncomfortable. Just with the help of one switch, we can solve the problem and enjoy an undisturbed cooking at home.

#4 Saves You From Sneezing and Burning Eyes

India is known as the land of rich spices. Therefore, especially when we cook Indian food, we tend to add different spices which release a strong aroma. Not all sorts of smells are pleasant to our olfactory and moreover the excess heat released due to cooking can make us both sneeze and turn our eyes red and itchy. Spices like pepper and red chillies when cooked especially cause a lot of discomfort to people around and kitchen chimney can give us relief from sneezing or burning eyes in minutes.

#5 Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from all the functional advantages of kitchen chimneys, it also enhances the look of our kitchen. The look and feel of your kitchen will change instantly just with the installation of a modular kitchen chimney. Nowadays, kitchen chimneys are not only about its performance but also appearance and design. They can be customized based on the look of your kitchen that you desire for. It can be modern and industrial or have a rustic look, choose the way you want it.

A kitchen chimney placed above the main cooking area makes the kitchen free from odour, smoke, fume and heat. It offers the facility of ventilation of smoke, gas and other fumes which are released from the kitchen to the outside atmosphere. Modular kitchens provide a double benefit by making your kitchen look stylish and allow a sound free simple and fast cooking (Do read the points to keep in mind before you buy new kitchen chimney). Electric chimneys are little more expensive but they are vital for our Indian kitchen especially. It also protects our health and restores a clean environment.

2 Amazing Tips Will Help You To Organize Your Kitchen Easily

A kitchen is the most important area of a home. In today’s time, a kitchen is incomplete without the appliances. The appliances are a must have to fasten your chores and finish them precisely. Having all the kitchen appliances and Organizing them in your kitchen are two totally different chores.

The arrangement of the appliances in the kitchen widely depends upon what kind of cook you are. Vegans rely on their cookers whilst blenders are the top choice of raw food nuts. Meat eaters always want their slow cookers and indoor grills in their reach.

Every home-owner knows that they cannot put appliances anywhere in the kitchen. No one likes the cluttering. Appliances are rearranged depending upon their usage and requirement. It makes your kitchen more functional and organized and let you finish your cooking more efficiently.   

There are always some ground rules that should be followed while arranging the kitchen. You can divide the task in four simple tasks.

Group the appliances according to their usage

This is considered as the first step in the de-cluttering of your kitchen. Group your kitchen appliances in three categories: frequently used, occasionally used and rarely used. Allocating the appliances you own in such a wise manner will give you a clear idea about how you want to Organize them. This arrangement of appliances will scrutinize the usage of appliances more robust. These tips may help:

  • Despite using a blender and a mixer grinder you can opt for a food processor. It will serve the purpose of more than one appliance by consuming lesser place.
  • Keep those items handy that are frequently used. Rest of the appliances can be kept aside.
  1. Banish the never used appliances: One of the hardest steps for kitchen owners is to letting go of the stuff they do not use. You might be getting the picture of egg poachers, rice cookers or juicers. These appliances are not used as such because we hardly poach eggs in the egg poacher or make ourselves a green juice. Use your kitchen cabinet space for the appliances you use on regular basis. Also, you can store the appliances away in the store room or so and can use it when required.
  2. You can denote or recycle the appliances you do not use: It can be the simplest solution to part your ways from the lesser or hardly used appliances. There can be multiple options. You can donate it and find a new kitchen for them or can sell them online. Distributing your appliances or putting them in some other’s hands can be an awesome way of de cluttering.

You can try this method: Store the appliance in a box and keep it away for at least 30 days. If you do not need it in all these 30 days, that means you really do not need it. That means you should give it away.

Prioritize the place of appliances on the basis of their usage

The first place should be given to the electrical appliances that are mostly used. It can be a microwave for some and an oven for others. Keep a little space around your gas stove and use corners round the kitchen to place the appliances. According to their usage, you can keep one on the top of another. Also, you do not need to place everything on the kitchen counter. You can use kitchen cabinets for storing purpose.      

These basic kitchen set up tips will definitely help you to keep your kitchen organized and clean.

Review on Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney

Chimney plays a very important role in your kitchen and hence you need to make sure that you are picking up the right chimney in order to keep your kitchen looking clean and hygienic. There are a number of brands and models in the market at present and picking one good chimney from so many can be a tough job. So, here is a review on Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney which is one of the best models you can try.

About Elica

When it comes to choosing a chimney, the first thing to keep in mind is the brand. Elica is one of the best and leading chimney brands in the Indian market. They offer a number of models and designs for the convenience of the customers. You will have an ample of choice to pick the right design and model for your modern kitchen.

Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney

One of the best wall mounted chimney models from Elica is Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney. Its stylish design and look of the chimney will definitely add an extra charm to your boring kitchen. If you are looking for a problem free and smoke free cooking experience in your kitchen, then this is going to be the right choice for you.

Features of Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney

It is always very important to check the features of the chimney that you are planning to buy. This will help you in deciding whether it is the right chimney for your kitchen or not. In order to impress you, this chimney from Elica has come with a number of interesting and useful features for you.

  • Low noise chimney :- Usually, chimneys make a lot of noise and hence people are worried about it. But when you buy this chimney, you can be relaxed and cook with peace as it does not make a lot of noise like others do. That means, you concentrate more on your cooking and not on the sound.
  • LED Light:- This chimney from Elica comes with an LED light and hence you will have extra lighting that will help in better cooking. It has two LED lamps which will ensure that you have enough light and no lighting issues with your cooking.
  • Simple controls:- This chimney comes with push buttons which are easy to access and are also innovative and stylish. All you need to do is just push the button and it is ready to get started.
  • Good suction capacity:- The suction capacity of this Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney is 1220 cubic meters per one hour and hence it has maximum air flow. So, you will only have fresh and comfortable air in your kitchen.
  • Simple but excellent design:- This chimney is made of stainless steel and it comes in a stylish black color, which makes it more perfect for any kind of kitchen. The design of this model is an added advantage.
  • Baffle filters:- This chimney comes with baffle filters, which are very powerful in eliminating the unhealthy smoke from your kitchen. Oil and smoke are totally filtered with these filters and hence providing a perfect atmosphere for cooking.

Pros and Cons of Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney


  • It comes with a three layer baffle filter and hence better performance and easy to clean as well.
  • 2 LED lamps
  • Easy push buttons


  • Having an auto clean feature can be very helpful as it makes the cleaning process really simple. But this chimney does not come with an auto clean feature and hence a little disappointment for the users.


Overall, this is one of the best kitchen chimney models from Elica and it is a wall mounted chimney, which is the requirement in most of the Indian kitchens. If you are looking for a low noise, maximum suction capacity and good air filtration features, then this is your choice. This is a model which comes with a decent price tag and one year warranty for the PCB. In addition, you also get a 15 year warranty for the baffle filter, motor and rotor as well. This is definitely a good choice for an Indian kitchen.

Review of Philips Daily Collection HR762700

Chopping, blending, slicing and dicing, are the repeated tasks that you perform in your kitchen. A food processor will make these tasks easy for you. In fact, with the availability of food processors in the market today, you will be able to easily and quickly perform your chopping, dicing, slicing and blending. Having a food processor in your kitchen can really reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the kitchen.

Philips has introduced a small, but magical food processor in the market and it is Philips Daily Collection HR762700. If you are looking for a good food processor in the market, then you should definitely try this. Here is a small review about the food processor that can help you decide whether this is right for your kitchen or not.

About Philips Brand

Philips is a very common brand that is known to almost everyone across the world. This brand has been into the market for years and every Indian kitchen has at least one appliance from this brand. It is because of the quality and number of options available to the customers making it the best. Philips has a number of kitchen appliances and food processor is one of them. Philips Daily Collection HR762700 is one of the best food processor models from this brand and you should try it.

Philips Daily Collection HR762700

This is a very small, yet very powerful food processor from the Philips brand. When you have a look at this food processor for the first time, it may not look like it is going to do the job for which is made. But when you start using it, you will be amazed to see the best performance of this food processor. It comes with all the attachments and good sized bowl.

Features of Philips Daily Collection HR762700:

Have a look at some of the best features of this food processor before you actually buy it.

  • Power Chop: The Power Chop technology used in the food processor makes the cutting just perfect, whether it is soft ingredients or hard ingredients. That means, this is a perfect appliance for making cake batters, making purees and many other things.
  • Stainless steel disc inserts: You get the best and stainless steel disc insert or holder. All you will need to do is just select the right blade and insert it in the disc holder. You will experience the best cutting and slicing experience ever.
  • Stainless steel chopping blades: The stainless steel and sharp S shaped blade in this food processor can be the right choice for chopping any kind of vegetables, from simple onions or carrots.
  • Big Bowl: The size of the bowl is 2.1 liters and it can work up to 1.5 liters and hence it is perfect for blending for almost 5 portions of soup.
  • 650 Watts motor: The motor of this food processor is 650 watts and hence will give you powerful processing speed. That means it easy for you to make different kinds of recipes.
  • Dishwasher safe: This food processor from Philips is 100 percent dishwasher safe and hence you will be able to wash them in the dishwasher without any kind of problem.
  • Speed settings: This food processor Philips Daily Collection HR762700 comes with two different speed settings and hence it enables you to set the speed as per your requirements.
  • Larger feeding tube: The feeding tube of this food processor is 40 percent large when compared to other models from Philips or other brands that are available in the present market.


If you are having less space in your kitchen and looking for something small, but still effective, then this Philips Daily Collection HR762700 is the right choice for your kitchen. All the blades of this food processor are made using stainless steel and hence they are very safe to use and also easy to clean. Dishwasher safe makes it more easy to clean. The whisking and whipping can be done perfectly with the help of this food processor from Philips and hence it is definitely a choice of many people. So, try it if you to know more about it.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer Review

Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a revolutionary product that makes cooking a passion for those who love cooking. The Oxy fryer is not only good for the taste buds, but also your body. Thus, health is on your fingers. The oil needed to cook food is minimized, and that too without spoiling the taste of the food.

Also Read: Best Air Fryers in India


Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a compact product that enables you healthy cooking and that too hassle free. It makes your cooking experience a wonderful one that too saving a lot of time and energy.The Oxy fryer is a blessing for those food lovers who are planning for a diet. Oil intake is also reduced due to the Oxy fryer, which needs only a little amount of oil to be brushed before cooking.


Kenstar Oxy Fryer enables cooking a large amount of food as it has a capacity of 3 liters where a lot of fries can be fried together. Kenstar has been built with a timer which can be set up to a limit of 30 min and can be left for cooking. The auto power cut feature cuts off the power immediately the timer has completed. Each food requires its own temperature and hence there is knob to set and adjust the temperature accordingly. The fryer also comes with a handle to hold when cooking, and a power cable for usage.


Kenstar Oxy Fryer makes cooking very simple. All one need to do is open the tray and fill the tray with raw materials for cooking. The desired temperature can be set and food can be  cooked with the timer as required according to the time needed. The fryer can be used to cook. The Oxy fryer uses hot air to cook hot and tasty food. It is also liked as it comes with 100 cooking menus.


People term it as a simple to clean and cook product. Its a newly launched product so there is a little confusion about the usage.However the app makes things easier and it directs you through the recipes. The product is a bit cheaper as compared to other fryers on the market. Hence go for it and start healthy and tasty cooking.

Planning to buy this model?

Find below the latest prices of this model from India’s biggest eCommerce websites: Flipkart and Amazon. Compare the prices for the best deal for this model and click on Buy Now button to go to the respective website. BFYH always recommends buying from these websites for all your home electronics needs!

Morphy Richards Radiant Cooker Digital Induction Cooktop Review

An induction cooktop has become the latest cooking phenomenon among the people as it promises a quick and safe cooking. This induction cooktop is right at the centre of it due to its number of features which allows for cooking great food without much effort .

Table of Contents

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Conclusion
  • Planning to buy this model?


It has a sleek and stylish design to add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. It’s side handles allows for greater portability so you are not restricted to one place for your cooking. It has a ceramic glass top which can heat any type of surface like steel, glass or ceramic utensil.

It is also very easy to clean so getting rid of those stains is never a problem. It also has touch buttons and a LED display to aid navigation and cooking.


It has 6 different temperature levels ranging from 100-600 degree Celsius. It also has auto-temperature setting for beverages, grilling, hot-pot, frying, cooking vegetables and steaming.  This induction cooktop is most suitable for Medium to heavy gauge Iron and Stainless steel utensils.

This appliance also has a cool touch body feature to avoid any serious burns to the user while cooking. It also has the capability of locking the Control-panel to avoid any accidents. It also has a preset function which allows you to preset the timing of your appliance before you cook a particular dish.

Even though this appliance has a power consumption of 1800W the long list of performance features make good use of that consumed power, so you don’t feel you are paying the electricity bill for nothing.


Even though this induction cooktop has a high price it’s long list of features make it a good deal overall. It has been designed keeping in mind all the requirements of everyday use, what problems users face while cooking. It is because of this attention to detail that it has managed to clock an impressive sales report.

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